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DentalVision Enterprise 19

We are listening to you. DentalVision Enterprise version 16 includes many of the enhancements received and voted on through our online request tool, UserVoice. In addition to including enhancements with the most votes, this version will improve the user experience by offering fewer clicks, improved workflow and more safeguards. The tabs below indicate what will be available in each release, so you can decide the best time to schedule your upgrade. We highly recommend (and it might be required) that your practice upgrade to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 prior to scheduling your upgrade to DentalVision Enterprise 16. Please check the System Requirements tab to make sure your office is ready for DentalVision Enterprise 16.

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DentalVision Enterprise 19.0

What's New in DentalVision Enterprise 19

Transferring Multiple Lines From the Ledger to Insurance

  • You can now select multiple lines on the Ledger tab (for a single date of service) and transfer them all simultaneously to the patient or to the insurance.

New Installer

  • DentalVision Enterprise 19.0 includes a new software installer/updater.

New eTrans Application Programming Interface (API)

  • DentalVision Enterprise 19.0 includes a new eTrans API for medical and dental claims that third-party developers can use.

DentalVision Enterprise 19.0 Release Guide

DentalVision Enterprise 19.0 System Requirements

DentalVision Enterprise 17.0

What's New in DentalVision Enterprise 17

DentalVision 17 is all about the Electronic Health Record (EHR). We have heard your comments through user voice and user meetings that while the EHR has everything you need to document the dental or medical chart, it is time-consuming to enter all of that information into the system. The changes to the EHR make entering data faster and you can customize the screen to the unique needs of your practice. Listed below are a few of the changes to improve your charting efficiencies; for a full list of changes, please visit the Resource Center.

Streamlined Data Entry

  • EHR Case Templates—Create ready-to-use templates that allow you to quickly and easily enter data. By specifying default values in the templates, the data is automatically entered into the EHR.

View it Your Way

  • Hide and Rename Tabs—Customize the EHR to show only the tabs your office uses, and rename those tabs to match the nomenclature used in your practice.
  • Move EHR Narrative Edit Pane—A new preference allows you to specify whether you want the EHR Narrative Edit Pane to appear on the left or right side of the Edit window.
  • Consolidated History—We’ve combined PMHx, PSHx and PFHx into a single tab called History. Now you can add surveys or histories in four categories in this tab: Family History, Medical History, Social History and Surgical History. We’ve also placed Add, Delete, Edit, Form and Update buttons at the bottom to make it more efficient to change information in this tab.

Count Pre-Registration Patients

  • Improved Referrer Reports—Several referrer reports, such as Financials-Simple Report, will automatically include pre-registration patients in the total patient count. In addition, we’ve added a new option to the Referred Patients dialog box: By selecting Include Pre-Reg Patients, pre-registration patients will be added to the list of referred patients but will be designated separately with blue text.

DentalVision Enterprise 16.0

UserVoice Top Two Requests

Your input counts, so make sure to log on to UserVoice with your suggestions or simply vote on enhancement requests posted by others.

Anesthesia in Insurance Profile

  • An updated category for anesthesia in the Insurance Profile received over 100 votes on UserVoice. This change moves the category out of the Miscellaneous and Emergency section for easier access when setting up insurance profiles.

Customize Phone Fields

  • Because tracking referrers and co-therapists differs by office, we received over 75 votes to make these phone fields customizable. By setting the header values for the phone fields, you can better track and communicate with those other doctors helping you provide care.

Fewer Clicks

With a robust software like DentalVision Enterprise, adding features often adds clicks. We are taking steps, starting in version 16, to reduce the number of clicks required to access key features.

  • The appointment book is now viewable on another screen – no more clicking back and forth, now you can leave the appointment book open and on a second screen all day.
  • Progress notes icon on the appointment book – since the appointment book can stay open on a second screen, you can check if the progress note is locked with a quick glance.
  • New EOB posting hover window – now hover on a non-green payment flag to view the reason for the notification, instead of opening the payment notifications.
  • EHR Image Format button added to Narrative window – open the image format window with a single click.

Improved Workflow

After working with oral surgeons for over a decade, we have learned that no two practices are run exactly the same. However, making certain items accessible in specific areas in the DentalVision Enterprise software can help all of our customers run their practices smoothly and improve the patient experience.

  • DOB and gender added to pre-registration – add these items when pre-registering the patient instead of having to wait until they are registered, where they are often forgotten.
  • Show overpayment on the ledger – a great feature for any office that has patients with a long list of procedures on their ledger; when this preference is selected, the specific line item that received the overpayment will be highlighted.
  • Date range for submitting claims and an ‘All’ button to display all claims – this was a popular topic among the enhancement requests and helps improve the claim submission workflow.
  • Redesigned Internal Messaging to add Instant Messages in addition to Mail Messages.

More Safeguards

There are a number of features in DentalVision Enterprise that help you make fewer mistakes when entering data and provide more documentation when pursuing collections.

  • Password verification – when creating or changing a password for employees’ user accounts, the verification field helps ensure that the intended password was entered.
  • Multiple signature lines on the Treatment Plans – this enhancement allows four signatures on a treatment plan. Treatment plans with a patient, guarantor, doctor and office staff (witness) signature should help you to collect on delinquent patients.
  • Save your work – the system will now auto-save in a number of areas within the software or provide new prompts to save.

DentalVision 15.2

  • Enhancements for the Administrative Team
    • Expanded EHR pain grid
    • Enhancements to treatment planning
    • New reports
    • Support for 837 insurance files

DentalVision 15.1

  • Enhancements for Clinical Tools
    • Consolidated notes
    • Progress notes by location
    • New partner integrations
    • Preference for showing diagnosis codes

DentalVision 15.0

Improved TruForms Integration

  • Enhanced TruForms integration allows insurance information, allergies, medications and some medical history to be added directly into the EHR. In addition, the form is saved as a PDF in the documents for the preregistered patient. Using TruForms allows patients the flexibility of filling out the insurance and medical forms at home, and saves office staff time typically spent checking the patient in for treatment. The patient data is available immediately for the clinic staff to review in the EHR, without manual data entry. In addition, the form is saved as a PDF in the document center, eliminating the need to print paper forms in your office.

Windows 10 Support

  • Take advantage of the Windows 10 operating system on your computers running OMSVision 15.

New Mortara Integration

  • New Mortara Surveyor S12 and S19 vital signs monitor integration captures the vital signs data including CO2 and saves it in the patient’s EHR. The enhanced integration available with Mortara vital sign monitors allows data to be represented in data or graph formats. You can also save the waveform as a PDF.

ADA Claim Form Update

  • This new preference allows you to bundle the anesthesia codes on the ADA insurance claim forms. It improves the speed and approval of claims with insurance companies that require anesthesia codes to be bundled.

Appointment Hover Window

  • Quickly view appointment details simply by hovering the mouse over the patient name in the scheduler. This saves clicks and opening windows to see the detailed appointment information on the schedule.

DentalVision 14.2

DentalVision Enterprise 14.2 upgrades the features that will help grow your practice. It includes:

  • Referral lists and marketing enhancements
  • EKG tracing
  • ClinicalVision optimization
  • Implant tracking enhancements
  • Periodontal chart enhancements
  • Universal notes

DentalVision 14.1

DentalVision Enterprise 14.1 upgrades insurance claims and allows cross-coding with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. ICD-10 is the 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), a medical classification list created by the World Health Organization (WHO). If you have questions about ICD-10, consider attending our Expert Series Seminar in October or visit one of the informational sites listed on this page to learn more about how ICD-10 will affect you.

Road to 10: CMS Online Tool for Small Practices

  • Jumpstart your ICD-10 transition with Road to 10, an online resource built by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with input from providers in small practices.
  • Road to 10 includes specialty references and helps providers build ICD-10 action plans tailored to their practice needs.

CMS ICD-10 Quick Start Guide

Stay up-to-date on ICD-10

  • Sign up for CMS ICD-10 Industry Email Updates Email updates should be link, but on site it doesn't appear in blue
  • Learn more about CMS ICD-10 on the CMS website. CMS website is a link but on the site it doesn't appear in blue

DentalVision 14.0

DentalVision Enterprise 14.0 upgrades the technology that supports new feature development through the newest development platform versions on the market, specifically SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 and PowerBuilder 12.6. Users will see improved performance and reliability with the implementation of these tools.

  • SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 Upgrade
    • Features
      • Ensure consistent, reliable operations within mobile, remote and nontraditional data center environments.
      • Speed design, development and support of powerful applications that run remotely on servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and handheld devices.
      • Optimize performance of mobile applications synced across thousands of mobile devices.
    • Benefits
      • Reliable, high-quality end-user experiences
      • Protection for critical business data
      • New optimizations for faster query response times
      • Roles and privilege settings, additional encryption options and disk sandboxing to reduce security vulnerabilities
      • Robust 24/7 app performance for distributed environments
  • Windows Server 2012 Certification
  • Windows 8 Certification
  • Critical Security Enhancements
  • PowerBuilder 12.6 Development Tools Upgrade
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DentalVision Enterprise 15 System Requirements

  • Upgrading to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 is required if you are currently running a version prior to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.
  • Upgrading to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 is highly recommended if you are running SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.
  • All other system requirements are in the PDF available for download.

Important Note : Pay careful attention to our hardware specifications for DentalVision Enterprise 2015 listed in the PDF available for download. Installing your system on computers that don’t meet the specifications will result in poor performance and instability of your computers and network. Hardware should be purchased from a quality-minded, local vendor or through Henry Schein TechCentral.

DentalVision Enterprise System Requirement Download PDF
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