DentalVision Enterprise ePrescribe


Send secure prescriptions electronically to retail and mail order pharmacies with just one click.

Accessible instantly, from anywhere, with no downloads or new hardware required, DentalVision Enterprise ePrescribe is a web-based means for you to send prescriptions electronically to retail and mail order pharmacies with just one click from DentalVision Enterprise—and maintain all prescription information in the DentalVision Enterprise EHR. Request a demo or call your sales rep today to get started.

  • New retail and mail-order prescription routing and renewal

  • Instant prescription benefit eligibility and formulary

  • Comprehensive prescription benefit reporting

  • Full prescription history for any patient

  • Automatic checks for drug interactions, correct dosages, adverse reactions and duplicate therapies

  • Speed the medication process when you send and track electronic prescriptions with any participating pharmacy

  • Provide a seamless patient experience when you store pharmacy favorites by practice or patient for automatic prescription fulfillment before the patient leaves your office

  • Improve patient safety with automatic drug interaction checking, dosage checks, adverse reaction checks and duplicate therapy checks

  • Simplify prescription renewals by receiving and managing refill requests from pharmacies online, with accessible patient medication history

If you are eligible for federal incentive payments, DentalVision Enterprise ePrescribe can help you meet the electronic prescribing requirement for reimbursement. We recommend the below links for more info on what may be available to you. (Please note: If you have already purchased Henry Schein's Meaningful Use Access module, you are already covered with respect to eprescribing.)